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Bathroom Remodeled For Centenarian Mother

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Bathroom Remodeled For Centenarian Mother

With an overnight need for wheelchair accessible sinks and shower, I designed this open plan for my Mother who just suffered a spinal cord stroke. In six weeks, prior to her return home, my team transformed the space and she is delighted. The sink area, not shown, was crafted of a reclaimed table. The additional foot of table top was used to make thick open shelves in the linen closet space.


Author: judi summers

Currently loving decorating, design and staging ...my other interests include walking, biking, art, great food, cooking, HGTV, pinning, reading, snooping around local shops for interesting finds, movies, friends and family, and beach walks. In my spare time I can usually be found with a design magazine or a good book in hand.

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